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What is a MIC?

A MIC is an investment and lending company.  It provides investors with the ability to participate and profit in the alternative lending space through the pooling of funds.  This lessens their risk and provides a healthy return on their investment.  It also creates solutions for underserviced borrowers with short and long term challenges.  Be it bruised credit, short term financing requirements, or unconventional income proof.  Our MIC can help.

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We are here to work with you to ensure your mortgage funds. We will help you form a solution that works for your client. Balancing the rate/fee ratio to lower payments or increase funds to your client is something we can help with.

Solution Based

Your client only need funds for a short time. We can help mold a product to meet your client’s needs. Tired of rigid terms, rates and fees? Your client needs to fix up the house before selling to get maximum dollars? Buy a sports car without sports car payments? Clear up CRA account 5 days before their “A” refinance closes. Harvest MIC understands and can help.


Need to talk, text, or email. We understand technology is changing the way we do business. We strive to be available to discuss your files on your terms. To have simple and straightforward conversations that give you answers.


Experience counts. Our team has over 50yrs in the industry. But not just mortgages. Sales experience. New to the space and need some coaching on communicating the benefits? Need some advice on how to look at a file and choose the right product? We are here to help, even if our advice means, not us. We believe giving the right advice to the client’s benefit is the right way to grow.