Our Commitment

We are committed to the healthy growth of our fund.  This is a symbiotic relationship between investors, partners, and our clients.  That our fair lending practices help provide solutions for the long term growth of all involved.  We understand the value of your dollar, how hard you work for it.  We take care to protect it and ensure it is put to work for you in a way that has residual benefits.  We believe in family and home, our mission is to protect it for all of our clients.

The Team

With a combined years of experience of over 50 years and the facilitation of over $1 Billion dollars in real estate transactions we are well positioned to provide superior results.  Most importantly we are parents and partners to some fantastic human beings.  We use the lessons they have taught us to balance with our experience and create a product that is best in class.

Darren Martel

Broker of Record Altra Lending Inc. (2007-Present). Co-founder and past president of Royal LePage Connect Realty Inc. (2000-2017) Private investor/lender (2007-Present), Real Estate broker (1991-Present) Founding partner Harvest Mortgage Investments (2021-Present).  Proud father, husband and grandfather.

Darren Martel knows square pegs don’t fit into round holes. People have real life stories. With the Federal Government’s new and revised credit rules Private lending is needed more than ever. Applying common sense, thirty years of real estate experience, conservative loan to value ratios and an exit strategy are the fundamental basis and skill set required before agreeing to any mortgage approval.  Sticking to these core values eleven million dollars later, Darren has a 100% track record including both closed mortgage transactions as well within his current portfolio.  

Darren’s business philosophy is it must be a win/win for all parties or no deal.  Darren believes fully in the saying “The harder you work, the luckier you become”.

Two great business rules to live by.

Darren Lacy

Seasoned leader with 22 years in the financial services industry.  He is a licensed Mortgage Broker and has worked directly in the brokering field since 2010, consistently performing in the top 10% amongst his peers.  Prior to that he was an award winning District Sales Manager for HSBC Financial.  Darren has a long track record of being a successful financial services executive providing superior results.  

Darren Lacy is an underwriter with a flawless track record, his lenders have never lost money or had to resort to legal means in any of his sourced mortgages over the last 10 years.  He has helped countless clients find their way out of tough situations and eventually move on to the prime mortgage space.  He lives by the idea that it is easy for brokers and lenders to mistake the money you work with as just numbers on a screen.  It is critical to remember those dollars and cents are the result of someone’s hard work, that they feed their children and send them to university with that money.  Respect that, and success will follow.